Food for thought…

November 5, 2009

Well I got the call yesterday that everyone dreads… the call from the doctor that says some blood work came back abnormal.  They want more tests… it seems I’ve been tested and tested and retested for the last few years.  So this isn’t something new, but I had actually thought everything was normal now.  So to hear that it wasn’t was quite a shock!!!

I’d like to be able to say my first reaction was of faith and peace in all circumstances….but that was the furthest from my reaction.  I’m embarrassed to admit that this daughter of the Great and Powerful God panicked – thinking the worse of course.

After a good night of sleep I’ve come to my senses.  I know that the days ahead will have tests.  Then I will wait for what feels like forever to hear the results, but there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the outcome.  I know that no amount of worry or stress will help anything.  So at this point I must rest in the peace that surpasses all understanding that comes from God and God alone!!!  And that is what has filled my heart today!!!

However, I have to share a thought I had today while driving to one of these tests…. as I said yesterday I thought the worst – and for those of you who don’t know I have a pretty creative imagination… so I thought “What if I was told I didn’t have long to live?”  Would I live today like I have?  Would change my life in any way?  Would I live differently?

I can honestly say that other than spending as much time as possible with loved ones – I’d live my life just as I am!!! Sure I would want to travel and see some things I haven’t seen in this beautiful world.  But honestly I love what I do – I love teaching and working with the wonderful people I work with!!! I love my students and would desire to impact their life just as I pray I do on a daily basis!!!!  I have full confidence that I am right where God wants me to be and I strive daily to do what he calls me to do in that day!!!

So I’m sure I’ll go do these tests and I’m hopeful the doctors will figure out what’s going on.  I’m confident it’s something that can be treated or lived with.  But at the end of this experience I’ll hopefully grown a bit more…it’s the testing of faith described in James Chapter 1:2 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,3 because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.4 Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

So my friends, if today you find yourself facing a trial consider it pure joy.  Know that this will help develop your faith and produce perseverance.  I know that God is faithful to complete what he has started!!! Know that He loves you and I more than we can comprehend and he is faithful to us!!!


Know your limits…

August 20, 2009

The first week back to school has brought much excitement and some stress too.  I have to explain a situation I’ve experienced this week and then share what I’ve learned from it.

My colleague had a baby last week and of course is out on maternity leave.  We had an amazing substitute lined up to fill in for her however at the last minute she got hired on by the district.  We followed appropriate procedures to find another sub.  She showed up the first day of school and participated in a few days of professional development with us.  I had taken quite a bit of time to sit and explain everything with her as thoroughly as I could.  However, she lacked the experience of teaching before; she only had subbing experience and not much of that was in special education.   As I worked with her, I began to worry more and more that she was not ready for a position of this size.

This is where I learn from this young woman.  Through a chain of events she admitted that she did not feel able to fulfill the expectations of the position.  She resigned from her position much to my relief.  She knew her own limits.  She knew what she could do and she was wise enough to recognize when something was too much for her.

This made me wonder… do I know my limits as well?  Am I as wise to say “yes” when I can and “no” when I know I can’t?  I think all too often we don’t want to let someone down, be embarrassed, or be seen as a failure.  However, how much more admirable it is to realize prior to failure that something is too much or too big for us to handle.

I know there are some circumstances that we are able to recognize our limits and live within them.  I’m encouraged to do that more within my own life through this experience and through God’s word…

Psalm 131:1

Lord, my heart is not lifted up;
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.
2 But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned child with its mother;
like a weaned child is my soul within me.

3 O Israel, hope in the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore.

I’m encouraged today to find peace for my soul in my Savior Jesus and my loving Father God!!!  I hope in God alone forevermore!!!

Farewell summer….

August 16, 2009

The old saying goes …”All good things must come to an end”

I can say I have truly enjoyed every one of my summer days & I’ve lived them to the full!!! I’ve loved swimming, time with friends, parties at our house, crafts, organizing stuff and quality time with my husband!!!  I guess if everyday was a summer day then I would lose appreciation for them!!! Summer days are well enjoyed because of the days spent working hard all year!!!

Although I am extremely sad to say good-bye to summer, I do hold in my heart a sense of anticipation and excitement for the year ahead.  With anything new comes a fresh start, a clean slate, another chance… such is the year ahead.  I am sure there are many changes that lie ahead.  I have a new principal which I’m sure will bring many changes to my school.  I have many new additions to my team.  There are always new students that venture though the doors on the first day. There is a newness that lay ahead in the days and months to come that gives me this sense of excitement!

My superintendent has adopted a theme of “Optimism” this school year.  I’d like to focus my thoughts on that too…I desire to see the glass half full in all situations. I wonder what amazing things could be accomplished this year?   Which students lives could be touched and changed forever?  Which student could learn to read this year like they never have before?  Which student will have someone care for them like they never have had before?  Which staff member will reach beyond the potential they thought possible?  What can my school accomplish in the lives of students and in the community in which they live?

I know God has a plan for the year ahead again fueling the anticipation in my heart.  So on this eve before it all begins I commit the year my loving Father.  I pray that everyday I will work as though everything I do I do for my God!!!

For those of you who visit my blog I apologize for not posting more frequently.  Life seems to take off and not stop.  Obviously it’s summer now and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written….

I feel like life is a car traveling in the FAST lane maybe even on the motor speedway… it just keeps going and going at a speed that often we can’t keep up with.  It seems like a race to go here and get there… work here and do this… make this call and do that… see these friends & family … get this chore done and pay that bill…it doesn’t stop for much at all except that one single phone call…

The one that tells you that a loved one has passed away.  At that moment everything STOPS!!!  It doesn’t matter what needs to be done or what your job may be – you drop it all to go be with your family!

We received such a phone call a week ago saying that Bryan’s grandmother passed away.  We immediately started to pack up and make plans to go to Amarillo the next day. 

There’s nothing like a funeral to get you brain going about the meaning of life.  As I sat there and heard amazing stories of this beatiful lady I rejoiced in the wonderful life she had lived.  I regret not being able to know her personally before she was ill.  But I celebrate with the Ramsey family the joyous times they shared with her.  I heard of stories of her faith in Jesus and how she touch so many peoples live with her acts of service & love. 

This experience along with our current culture of media all talking about the death of pop star Michael Jackson & other famous people who have passed in the last week  have caused me to think and reflect on life…

I wondered about my live… what would people say about how I’ve lived my life?  More importananly, I wondered what my heavely father would say on those streets of gold about what I did with all he gave me?  Life is short.  We never know how long we have.  This is a life lesson I learned at a very young age and it has changed my life.

I challenge you to stop and reflect on your own life… Have you found the meaning of life and your purpose in a relationship with our loving God?  Are we living each day fulfuilling the purpose He has in mind for us?   Are we making the most of every opportunity He gives us?  Are we doing everything as though we were doing it for our heavenly father? 

I know I’m on the journey of sanctification… allowing God to change me from the inside out.  Letting my relationship with Jesus mold me into the person He has designed me to be!  It’s a continual process and boy do I have a long way to go.  I hope that you’re on the jouney with me!!!

Can’t Wait for Summer!!!

February 1, 2009

I’m enjoying this beautiful day!!!  I can’t believe I was off school 2 days this week due to ice and today I’m outside in flip flops and a tank top in my hammock!!!  Today is a taste of what’s to come this summer…I can’t wait!!   Our back yard just seems like paradise!!!!  We’ll be having lots of summer pool parties and BBQ’s!!! I guess we’ll need to get a BBQ, LOL!!!  Here are a couple pictures of our piece of paradise here on earth!!!dsc00283

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!

January 26, 2009

Today is my husband Bryan’s Birthday!!!  I want to wish him a very happy birthday and a very blessed year full of many blessings!!!  I was telling my students today that today is Bryan’s birthday and my heart was filled with gratitude and joy that God ordained today to bring Bryan into this world 35 years ago!!!  I was so grateful that the God of this universe created my husband Bryan and knew 35 years ago that he would make a wonderful husband for me today!!!  Bryan I love you and am so blessed to call you my husband!!!

Well despite my wishing and hoping that our Christmas break would not end it did!!!  I went back to school on Monday.  Usually the first day back after the break is a teacher work-day.   Not this week, it was straight back into it with the kids!!!  

Here are a few things I’ve decided this week:

1. I need roller skates!!!   Although I would be running a higher risk of bodily injury it would help me get all the places I run all day quicker!!!  Maybe with more ease or maybe with more laughs!!!  I am ALL OVER the school!!! I go help one kid in this room, then another kid in that room, oh got to go check on that kid over there, and back to this one here, then it’s off the another class and so on and so forth!!!!  That’s my day!!!  And hopefully we get through with out anyone having a meltdown including me!!! LOL  

2.  Teachers should be allowed to hand out medicine!!!  I say this laughing, obviously sarcastically!!!  But trust me as a special ed teacher there are times when I really wish I had this privilege.  Especially this week when one of my students ran out of his meds!!!  Luckily I got my hair colored last Friday or else you’d be seeing all my grey!!!  

3.  Humor is Essential!!!  So yesterday I burned popcorn and stunk up half the school!!! Who knew two minutes was enough, I tried four minutes, found out that’s too long!!!  Every teacher and student on my half of the school knew within an hour that “Mrs. Ramsey burnt the popcorn!!!”  It wasn’t even for me, I obviously don’t pop popcorn often!!! I came back to my room to find a 3 foot doll dressed up in the fire chief’s dress up clothes!!!  Oh the laughs I have with my co-workers!!!

4.  I really do love my job!!!  Although I was crying like a kid the night before having to go back cause I didn’t want to go back to school!! I really do love what I do!!!  I do love the kids although they have there moments!! I love the people I get to work with!!!  And I really do love teaching!!!

Christmas 2008

December 26, 2008

We celebrated our first married Christmas in our new home with all our families together!!! It was a lot of fun!!!  Christmas Eve we went to church, went out to dinner and then to see the Ice Exhibit at the Texas Gaylord.  Christmas morning we had breakfast, opened presents and cooked a feast!!!  We also enjoyed a few games together throughout the day!!!  Here are some pictures of the festivities!!!


I pray you had a blessed Christmas with family and friends!!!!

The Holiday Season

December 20, 2008

I’m sure that you are finding yourself in the midst of busyness just like I am!!!  The month of December is full of various events, parties, special activities at schools, concerts, not to mention the decorating, shopping and preparations that have to be done for Christmas.  

Yesterday was my last day of  school for two weeks!!! And I am so glad!!!  It is a much needed break after a very long tiring semester.  The students and teachers are all ready for this time off!!!  

Last week I’ve been busy also taking care of my crazy 84  year old grandmother!!!  She has come to stay with my mom for the winter but last week my mom was far away in the Caribbean on a cruise.  I was left to check on grandma.  Bryan and I extended an offer to come stay with us and she jumped on it!!!   Initially she intended to stay a night or two.  However each day she wanted to stay another night.  She was quite enjoying herself and the company.  She was also caring for Nate who got neutered on Monday.  Bryan was off work for the week and busy with the home improvement projects of painting and fixing a few things.  He was also on “grandma duty” while I was at school all day!  He’s a very patient man who loves me ALOT!!!  She eventually went home Friday night when we went to a Christmas party and Bryan’s dad arrived to stay with us too.  

So the “Ramsey Hotel” is in full service!!!!  Booked for the next week by the in laws.  We are blessed to have Bryan’s family coming to spend Christmas with us.  My family will also be joining us for Christmas and I’m quite excited to celebrate Christmas with my husband and our families in our new house!!!

I do pray that each of you are blessed by this holiday season and enjoy time with your family and friends!!!  In the midst of the busyness of this time of year to I will be reflecting on the true meaning of this holiday.  The birth of our Father’s son Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, our Savior!!!!  I  thank God for the blessing in my life and praise him through the challenges.  I commit to him 2009 and all that it holds!!!  I challenge you to do the same….

A New Post….

December 4, 2008

Well I’ve been told if I’m going to do this blog thing that I need to blog!!!  Imagine that!!!  So here it is a new post….

Not really sure what to mention…. here are a few of this weeks happening:

My husband, Bryan, and I spend Thanksgiving weekend decorating our new house!!!  It looks absolutely beautiful!!!  We both LOVE Christmas and have had SO much fun decorating!!!  It’s been a bit of work figuring out where everything would go in a new home, but lots of fun!!!!  I love the joy we both shared through the 3 day long process!!!  We are both committed to the process and want it to look great!!!  I love the fact that when I say lets put more lights over there he’s so happy to help!!!  He never says no that’s enough!!!  One of my co-workers told me that all her husband does is bring in all the boxes.  My amazing husband brings in all the boxes, unpacks them, helps with putting up all the decorations and helps put away the mess!!!  If you live nearby I do hope you get to come by some time this holiday season to enjoy the beauty of our decorations!!!  

On a much more serious note, I’ve been reminded this week how precious life is and how important it is to live each moment we are given to the full!!! Every minute whether it be a blessing or challenge is a precious gift given to us by our Loving Father!!!  Through out my life this “life lesson” has been very close to my heart having experienced the loss of several of my loved ones at a very young age.  This reminder had come through a couple events first of all Bryan & I witnessed a horrible accident that happened right in front of our car.  It’s amazing the girl lived through it and her life has been greatly affected by injuries incurred through this event. In one split second life can change, one quick mistake can change your life forever!!!  This week one of my dear friends and colleague lost her father in law unexpectedly.  Her and her husband are greatly grieving with there family this week and my heart goes out to them!!!

In this season of giving, please don’t miss the greatest gift of all the gift of life, time with loved ones, sunrises and sunsets, rainbows and snowflakes, beaches and mountains, joy and tears!!!  Don’t miss the PRECIOUS PRESENT!!!!!




P.S. Rachel was that a good enough post…LOL